Veloine x reNEW: A new approach to sustainable cycling apparel

Veloine x reNEW: A new approach to sustainable cycling apparel

As cyclists, we thrive for and through a close relationship to nature and the outdoors. As a brand, we cannot neglect that producing cycling wear has a negative impact on the environment and ultimately means taking part in consuming the earth’s scarce resources. We take full responsibility for that and do our best to run our business in a sustainable way.


Ultimately, we believe in creating products that last – and ensuring to make full use of what can be repurposed. No matter the shape or form. That is why we created the Veloine x reNEW project – cycling accessories made of former Veloine products and leftover materials that would normally go to waste. 

Veloine x reNEW products have three kinds of origin:

Product development. By the time you buy a new cycling jersey or shorts, the product has gone through an intense development process. Besides new creative ideas, this process also requires quite a lot of resources, such as proof prints, test fabrics and prototypes. Typically, these resources go to waste after the product is launched.

Crash replacement. Crashing is part of cycling as crying is part of love. That is why we offer lifelong crash replacement for any of your Veloine jerseys or shorts. If you do crash, you may return your crashed jersey or shorts and we’ll replace it with a new one. Typically, these items also go to waste in case they can’t be repaired.

Doubtful returns and samples. We do sometimes receive so-called “doubtful returns” with stains or signs of use which can no longer be sold. We also have product samples for you guys to try on during events. At the end of a season, both can make quite a bunch of products which can no longer be sold or reworked.

With Veloine x reNEW, we try to not extend the burden on the planet further and repurpose resources, products and whatever cannot be sold anymore.

We create something entirely new – handmade, without consuming additional resources or causing major CO2 emission during production. The products are sold at a price that only covers the re-production and handling costs. This is not a business case for us – it is our way of paying respect towards the resources we consume and extend the longevity of things we create.

Stay tuned to learn more about Veloine x reNEW. First drop out now.


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