Veloine x reNEW

As cyclists, we thrive for and through a close relationship to nature and the outdoors. As a brand, we cannot neglect that producing cycling wear has a negative impact on the environment. We take responsibility for that and do our best to run our business in the most sustainable way.

Products should be made to last and to be reused. That’s why we created Veloine x reNEW – cycling accessory made of former Veloine products and leftover materials from our product development process, product samples, returned products with flaws and crash replacements.

Veloine x reNEW Mini Pouch
EUR 19,00
Veloine x reNEW Leather Pouch
EUR 35,00
Veloine x reNEW Headband
EUR 19,00
Veloine x reNEW Cycling Cap
EUR 28,00
Veloine x reNEW Shopping Bag
EUR 20,00