A personal letter from Team Veloine

A personal letter from Team Veloine

This month marks Veloine’s 5th anniversary in the market. In 2019, we embarked on a journey to create women cycling apparel that would blend women specific needs with modern design and high performance, sustainably made in Europe. More than that, we were striving to make a change in the industry and empower women in cycling.

Since then, our brand has come a long way.

We have customers in more than 30 countries around the world, ‘fearless female cyclist’ has become a synonym for female empowerment to many, we were recognized as one of the Top 10 newcomers in international sports by ISPO and awarded with a Eurobike Gold Award for creating the industry’s first-ever pregnancy cycling wear – something we are really proud of and that underlines our commitment to making a change for women in cycling.

But since then, a lot has changed, too.

As most companies in the industry, over the past two years we’ve been facing a massive increase in production and operating costs, paired with a shift in consumer demand due to inflation and economic downturn.

As a self-funded start-up, this situation is particularly challenging for us. That is why we’ve had conversations with potential investors over the past year who could help our company sail through these rough waters - but unfortunately none of them turned into a partner that would secure funding and provide a foundation for future growth.

For us, it means that we’ve come to a point where we can no longer continue the brand and the company that way. Veloine will therefore cease its operations at the end of April.

We are still open to people, companies and investors who are interested in continuing the brand or parts of it, building onto its success and willing to make an impact in the future.

But for now, all we can say is: Thank you for the ride, it’s been a blast.


Sandra, Juergen, Alice

PS: Our customer service remains available after the end of April. Orders, claims and returns will be processed as usual - no worry about that.