Women Cycling Bib Shorts, Shorts & Tights

Designed to meet the needs of demanding female riders. And while it's performance that drives us, there is no reason not to look good on your rides, too.


Women Cycling Bib Shorts, Shorts & Tights
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      Women's cycling shorts

      We have made it our mission to offer women the same comfort and choice of innovation and quality as men when it comes to cycling gear. Best fabrics, highest quality and attention to detail characterise our products around women's cycling. We also believe that sustainability is just as important as the perfect fit of the cycling clothing.

      Whether you're going fast on your bike or taking it easy with your friends, our women's cycling wear has been designed for your adventures on the bike. All year round.

      Cycling pants for women: What makes a difference?

      When choosing your cycling shorts, many factors come into play. The anatomy of women is different from that of men, so women's cycling shorts have to be cut differently. In addition to the cut, shape, functionality and position of the pad are also particularly important. Only with the right women-specific pad can you fully enjoy your ride and achieve your best performance. Read more on this topic here.

      Not all bib shorts are the same

      Our cycling bib shorts are tailored to the female body and currently come in two different versions. Our Rocacorba and All Day Endurance Bib Shorts have different padding to give you the best comfort. For very long enduring days on the bike, our All Day Endurance Shorts are the best choice, while our Rocacorba will always be a great choice for your everyday adventures. In case you prefer cycling shorts without bibs, our women cycling shorts Vence is your go-to piece. Read more on this topic here.

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