[#aboutcycling] It’s not about winning races or QOMs, but rather about your inner self.

[#aboutcycling] It’s not about winning races or QOMs, but rather about your inner self.

Written by @lulu.on.tour, cyclist, triathlete, face of our new collection


I somehow inherited the love for cycling from my parents. It is kind of in my genes: both of my parents were cyclists.

Aged four I competed in my first-ever bike race.

My brother wanted to compete in this race. At that time I wanted to do everything he did, so there was no overthinking my first start. It was a local BMX championship. Neither had I the right bike nor did I know what I was going to face. I did poorly in the race. I wasn’t as talented as I hoped and even crashed. Nonetheless - I fell in love with cycling. It took some years before I competed in a race again, but I went cycling every free minute I had.

Cycling gives me a feeling of freedom and independence I don’t want to miss. It even stills my adventurous side.

2008 I started doing triathlon. Only then I returned to competitive racing. And I knew that I would have to prepare myself in order to succeed. Again, I had no proper bike of my own, so I borrowed my brother’s roadbike. I started by doing all of the beginner’s mistakes. My bike shoes were too small and the bike too big. The first ride turned out a catastrophe. I had a flat tire and no knowledge to fix it. I still remember the hunger I felt (because I left the house with no food) and the neck pain I got. But I did no quit.

I got better and better over time, learned how to fix a flat tire and how a bike works in general.

By that time I began to like the preparation for a competition. I realized that in the end competitive racing is cycling and this I learned as a child. To date, I competed in various triathlons and road bike races. I did every single triathlon distance from sprint to long-distance (e.g. Ironman) and participated with my roadbike at Kriterium, Tortour Switzerland and  the Tour Transalp.

Today there is almost nothing better for me than to grab my bike and go for a ride with my friends. Somehow there is a deep connection between people who ride together.

Riding with my friends is like going on a short vacation. We climb hills together with unbelievable views, discover new places, drink good coffee in gorgeous cafes and eat some ice-cream. We face almost every weather condition and have a lot of fun.

But besides enjoying chilly rides with my friends I also like to intensify my training. If I happen to have a Strava-area within my ride I try to push myself to the limit and increase my lactate level to the maximum of my capacity.

In the end it’s not about winning races or QOMs (although it’s a lot of fun), but rather about your inner self.

Besides there is a nice side effect to the sweat and the muscle aching from cycling, which is not only feeling good but looking good as well. I always try to match my kit with the accessories like goggle and helmet. Even though a badass cyclist, I am still a girl ;-) Cycling is my passion and the best endurance sport ever.