The Veloine Collective

The Veloine Collective

“A collective is a group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest or work together to achieve a common objective.”


United by our passion for cycling, and aiming to make cycling more female, the Veloine Collective is our community for like-minded female cyclists. Through local rides, events and virtual sessions we share our love for cycling, inspire each other and simply have a good time. Participation in the Veloine Collective is for free, we welcome every age, experience, and performance level. 



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Collective Group Rides

Our group rides are at the core of the Veloine Collective. The social rides are hosted and guided by the Veloine Local Heroes – passionate female cyclists who lead the Veloine community in your city. In most cities, the rides take place on regular dates, in some cities occasionally.

For more information on where, when and how to join, reach out to your Local Hero via Instagram. Not on Instagram? Just send an email to to get in touch.



Your Local Hero

Date & Time



Insea Hasselmann

Please contact Insea for details



Soo (Susi) de Francisco

Please contact Susi for details



Anne Apfelbeck

Tuesday 6am

Friday 6am



Rebekka König



Palma de Mallorca

Nathalie Houdek

Tuesday 18:00



Daniela Krämer-Alm




Jule Caya Gläser

Please contact Jule for details



Collective Day

The Veloine Collective Day is a full-day event filled with group rides, workshops, a Veloine Pop-Up-Shop and special offers from our partners. Watch this space for more information.


Collective Zwift Rides

Winter miles, summer smiles: During the off-season, our weekly Zwift ride provides a wonderful opportunity to connect with other cyclists and enjoy a ride together. Stay tuned for dates and times once the off-season starts.


Collective Calls

Stay connected during the off-season through our virtual sessions, such as Yoga for Cyclists or Training & Nutrition workshops. Stay tuned for more information once the off-season starts.


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