Everyday wear for female cyclists. Make a cycling fashion statement off-bike.

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      Off the bike fashion for everyone

      We have made it our mission to offer women the same comfort and choice of innovation and quality as men when it comes to cycling gear. Best fabrics, highest quality and attention to detail characterise our products around women's cycling. We also believe that sustainability is just as important as the perfect fit of the cycling clothing.

      Our all time, all moments, all adventures off bike collection

      Born through the gap history has created. We want you to wear your passion and your soul. Our collection includes everything you need to make your statement wherever you are.

      On the bike and off the bike fashion

      Our organic cotton Shirts and Sweaters are the right items to tell the world about your passion.

      Every day is bike day

      Our casual wear was created for your daily cycling style. While snuggling on the couch, while heading to the supermarket, while enjoying your after-ride coffee - whatever you do, say it in Veloine.