2 in 1 Bar Bag - Veloine x Sundlin Bags Berlin

EUR 140,00

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Our multi-usage bar bag is your companion for every ride, but especially for those longer days in the saddle when you need to carry a bit more stuff with you than usual.

As a bar bag, it allows you to store things safely at your bike. 

The extra strap, which can be attached to the bag in just a few seconds, turns the bar bag into a cross-body bag, hand bag or hip bag, so you can carry your belongings with you offbike. 

To keep things tidy, the inside of the bag is divided in two parts. The zipper case at the front gives you prompt access.

The bag is made of robust, water repellent material (not fully waterproof during heavy rain). Size = 25 x 10 x 6 cm

Our bar bags are made by Sundlin Bags Berlin - a one-woman-show dedicated to making the most beautiful and usable cycling bags and pouches. Each piece is hand-made and unique.