Veloine x Standert: Hi from Team Standert

Veloine x Standert: Hi from Team Standert

Cycling, though often perceived as an individual pursuit, is a sport that truly thrives on teamwork. While each cyclist must rely on their own strength, endurance, and skills, having the right people on board can make a difference in achieving your goals. That's why our ecosystem of partners is composed of people with a like-minded vision: Empowering women in cycling.

We are proud to be the official partner of Team Standert this year, accompanying the seven female riders along their journey through this season.

Hear from the team about their passion for cycling, their fanstastic start into the season, and the mission the team is on.


Hi, nice to meet you!

We are Team Standert, a mixed racing team based in the vibrant city of Berlin. Currently, we are seven female riders on the team: Angelina, Aga, Christiane, Laura, Luisa, Olena and Zoe. We share our passion for racing, riding fast and having a good time together on the bike.

We are a diverse group of women, with different backgrounds, ages, and abilities. We believe that our differences make us stronger as a team and we are always learning from each other.

For us, cycling is not only a great way to stay fit and healthy, but also an excellent way to challenge ourselves and push our limits.

As a team, we race in Germany and all across Europe. We focus mainly on road races and occasionally compete in gravel or cyclocross events. We have a busy season planned, from local events to international competitions, and we are always looking for new challenges to take on. Racing is a great way to test our skills and see how far we've come in our training.

A great start into the new season

The first road cycling race of the season in Sa Rapita, Mallorca during our training camp was a thrilling experience for everyone. Pinning on numbers and lining up on the start line for the first time after a long winter is always exciting, but also a little nerve-racking. The race track was flat, so the pace was very fast and the peloton remained tightly bunched. The lack of hills made for a bit of a hectic finish, but we all worked together to stay safe and position ourselves well.

In the end, we arrived at the finish line in a massive group, all fighting for the top spots. Afterall, we managed to secure top 10 results for Zoe and Luisa in the bunch sprint. It was a glorious finish right at the ocean, with the sound of the waves crashing in the background.

Overall, the first road race of the season in Mallorca was an amazing experience. We were thrilled to be back on our bikes and competing again after a long winter of training.

The team could already celebrate the first success of the season with a podium spot at the Mittenwalde road race at the end of April. The course was extremely selective, with many pavé sections and a tough cobbled climb. Angelina was able to secure a very strong second place in the final sprint after a hard-fought battle. We had a fantastic day together and are proud of our efforts and a great result.

On a mission

Although racing is fun, for us cycling it’s not only about beating yesterday’s PBs and putting the hammer down. Having coffee along the route and enjoying a sunny day on the bike and having pizza together is just as important.

At Team Standert, we are also committed to encourage more women to join bike races. We believe that competitive cycling is a sport for everyone, regardless of gender. We are dedicated to promoting gender equality in bike racing and providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone who makes it to the start line.

Last season was a test run for us to learn about each other and see how we work together without pressure. This year, we are enjoying the benefits of that growth, having become a close-knit team that values and embraces everyone’s individual talents and differences.

As we prepare for the upcoming season, we are excited to see what challenges and opportunities lie ahead. Racing is not always easy, but we are ready to put in the hard work and dedication. We are looking forward to supporting each other in our training and racing efforts and pushing ourselves to be the best we can be.

Throughout the next months, we'll be sharing more stories here on this channel. Watch out :-)