Indoor Cycling Wear

Outside is free. But there are days when indoor is the road to choose.

Indoor Cycling Wear
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      Indoor cycling wear for women

      We have made it our mission to offer women the same comfort and choice of innovation and quality as men when it comes to cycling gear. Best fabrics, highest quality and attention to detail characterise our products around women's cycling. We also believe that sustainability is just as important as the perfect fit of the cycling clothing.

      Welcome to the sweat party

      Training outside in wind and weather is not for everyone. Sometimes you just long for an effective training session without outside influences. This requires special materials that support you during your session.

      Indoors is different from outdoors

      Indoors you sweat much more than outdoors, because there is no breeze to cool down your body. The air is literally stagnant. Also, you move differently when training indoors and often you sit differently on your bike. Therefore the right cycling clothing is also important indoors. Our indoor cycling jerseys provide a perfect solution for your indoor training.