Offroad / Gravel

Offroad styles, created for adventures beyond tarmac.

Offroad / Gravel
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      The great outdoors, offroad and gravel

      We have made it our mission to offer women the same comfort and choice of innovation and quality as men when it comes to cycling gear. Best fabrics, highest quality and attention to detail characterise our products around women's cycling. We also believe that sustainability is just as important as the perfect fit of the cycling clothing.

      Gravel, MTB, road: is it all the same?

      Cycling away from fixed roads, traffic and loud noises is a class of its own. An adventure awaits at every corner. Every turn brings a new perspective. Sometimes slowly. Sometimes faster. Pure deceleration. Say it not only by the choice of your bike, but also by the choice of your cycling clothes.

      Don't just say it, wear it!

      Away from the road and the norm, bike clothing does not have to be tight fit. Off road gear is wide and free. Different materials and different cuts provide a great level of comfort, so you can focus on what really matters: your bike and the nature surrounding you.