JOIN US: Yoga for Cyclists - Virtual Live Classes

Sandra / Veloine
Sandra / Veloine
March 23, 2020

With these days being filled with indoor or solo rides, it’s time to do something different: Join us for our virtual “Yoga for Cyclists” live classes!


Friday, 27 March 6-7pm CET

German session hosted by, professional yoga teacher and passionate cyclist.


Sunday, 29 March 6-7pm CET

English session (with a little bit of French :-) hosted by Axelle Dubau-Prevot, former pro-cyclist and certified yoga teacher.


Both sessions are suitable for beginners and tied to physical needs of cyclists. They are free of charge, for women only and will be hosted through an online video conferencing tool, which allows you to turn on your video camera (if you like!) and interact with other participants. After your registration you will receive an email with a link to access the live session at the given time.

Women only for now.

Goodie included! All participants will receive a 10% voucher for our online shop.

Namaste & see you soon!